Wednesday, November 04, 2009

of tea cups and impressionists

I have, hanging over my desk at work, a calendar.  I don't really write on it - it's just there for reference and looks.  This year I chose one that included works by Impressionist artists.  My favorite is Degas. 
For some reason, I always connected to his paintings, particularly the ones of dancers.  They seem to show a fascination with movement to me.  But not just movement - also that graceful pause in the arabesque, the moment before a jete, or just a break to allow the prima ballerina her solo. 
I think that's why I like them - they remind me to slow down. To pause.  To take a moment to savor and point out the anticipation of things to come and appreciate all that is now done.
I think after I move my cube that I'll bring in another Impressionist calendar for the new year.  And a nice china tea cup to use in my pauses.

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