Tuesday, June 03, 2008

waiting with bated breath…

My garden has been going strong for several months now. We’ve finally been blessed with a few straight days of warm weather, and so my peas are finally blooming.

My biggest project this year, however, is my roses. When I got married last year, my parents bought us a hydrangea bush, which I promptly killed, and two lovely rose bushes – a Nancy Regan (hybrid tea) and a Cherry Parfait (grandiflora). The roses last year made it through the summer and fall, but did not come back this spring. One has a small sprout, so I didn’t trash it, but I think it might be a sucker, not from the grafted stock.

I set out this year to plant a proper rose bed. So I have a new Nancy Regan and a new Cherry Parfait, and my old “maybe” Cherry Parfait, in a nicely edged bed, with plenty of mulch and sunshine. And both new bushes have multiple buds on them. So I wait. And hope… and try to figure out who I can get to water my garden while we are out of town in the end of June. Or better yet, how can I set it up so it’s easy for them to do?

I think soaker hoses, some multi-hose spouts, and that large-capacity rolling hose cart I’ve been eyeing will be my next investment at Lowe’s.

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