Monday, November 14, 2005

11 your days are the worst


Just for the record, I hate Mondays.

Going home now.  And YES I did get a lot done today, so it was semi-worth it.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

double post day!

AND...It's four mini-day.
1 - Still beautiful fall weather in Ohio.  And I am stuck in the lab.  I will probably go outside for a walk in a bit, once I get work squared for a break.  This is what I like about having "flex time" except the part about having to come back after the walk...
2 - More hats please.  I need to make a hat for a Christmas present... any good beginning knit/expert crochet ideas?  I am also hoping to make a hat or two for myself, except not for a while.  I have decided I must make my Christmas gifts this year, since cash is short, and I have TONS of yarn to play with/use before any new crafty type projects are started.
3 - manicures are fun.  Had excellent girl's night with my friend S last night -- we need to do that more often ...mmm'kay?
4 - my back is totally all slippy today.  I had a chiropractor's appointment set for yesterday, but then I forgot it, so I had to reschedule for next week.  Hopefully this slippy vertebrae thing will help them slip back in place and STAY there before my appointment.  I hate being sick or worried about my body... it's distracting.  Keeps me from living life properly and happily and that is just NOT an option.  (p.s. the diet goes well, except for the occasional cheats.  I have hit a plateau and am trying to not cheat and to exercise regularly in the hopes that I will get off the plateau and head down a nice steep cliff.  Soon.  Like before the holidays.  Cause you know, it'd be great to go home and have people say "WOW you look great!" instead of "so when are you gonna finish with school?" as the first thing to greet me.)

Sorry about the delay for the hats. But I think the crazy blue eyed hat monster picture is well worth the wait.
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