Saturday, September 05, 2009

HOW long has it been?

Oh crap. It has been a while. But y'all will forgive me right? That's what friends do. Right? :-)

It's been a busy summer. I built a raised bed for my garden - which has been a success despite the cool summer.

We are about to embark on major home improvements this weekend and this month (fixing rotted trim, repainting it and installing new outdoor lights - and waterproofing, cleaning, and repairing basement walls via some contractors).

Not to mention, I am teaching Steve to cook on his own. Pray that we don't burn the house down or break the new stove.

Not to mention my sister is pushing me to turn this blog into something that I could make a living at. Now - I love my job. But how cool would it be to have more than a few people reading this thing? The question is - what do I do?

I've considered adding a section on basic home improvement projects and/or dealing with contractors, from a woman's perspective; making your own traditions; and a few other ideas that are not well-formed enough to mention here. But seriously, it's hard to think about what idea would get me a larger audience. Who knows?

All I know for sure today is that I want to finish watching the Zips (even if they are going to get pounded) and get out and take advantage of this three day weekend.
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