Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen...

We have a BABY boy - born March 3 after a short, no-epidural labor. He is healthy and LOUD, and growing more everyday.

First month lows -
  • cluster feeding the second night we got home - he would not let me put him down, but he kept falling asleep while I was nursing him.
  • Pee on the walls. Multiple times.
  • learning to breastfeed - OW.
First month highs -
  • First smile - on March 23, after he was done eating. And no, it was NOT gas.
  • Pee on the walls - hey, it wasn't fun to clean up but it was FUNNY.
  • Finally getting the hang of breastfeeding - WOW.
  • Watching my parents hold him.
FYI - due to privacy concerns (it's a long story you may have already heard...), pictures are not going to be made publicly available. So you won't see any here or via Facebook. SORRY, but family safety comes first.
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