Friday, May 26, 2006


That is the sound of one person's frustrations going unheard.


This week has been extremely busy.  Strike that - this month.  Holy geez I've been engaged a month.  Wow.

This has definitely marked the beginning of a new phase in life for me.  Not that I'm done making my rite of passage into adulthood by any means.  It's just cemented all the feelings I was having before the ring went on my finger, and made me feel validated.  For some reason, I didn't think I should be feeling the way I was UNTIL the ring, but now I realize that my brain and heart were just following what was going on internally - the ring was just an external confirmation of the process we had already begun.

And so begins my lifetime/journey into learning HOW.  How NOT to be a nag.  How to be responsible to and for another person in this huge scary world.  How to take care of myself and my needs while at the same time honoring, respecting, and taking care of the needs of another.  How to remember to put dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink.  How to not let the laundry get in the way of spending time with my family.  How to let the little things mean a lot and the big things not oblate them.

Everyone has been great with advice:


"Don't start planning anything for at least two weeks."

"Start dress shopping NOW."

"As long as you have each other to love, everything will be fine." 

 "Don't do it!" (a joke from his uncle, to whom the Fiance` replied - "You've met her, you know why I'm doing it!"  Ain't he great!?)

"Remember it's YOUR day - do whatever YOU want and to heck with everyone else."

What's funny, is that most of the advice we've been given (and I should say I, because somehow, no one ever thinks the groom needs advice...that's a whole nother post) surrounds the WEDDING and not the Marriage.  What I want in advice on how to have a good Marriage.  I mean, the wedding, after all, is just one day - the Marriage is the Big Scary Thing I am Worried About.  Now that we've both made the choice to commit to each other, it's a lifetime of choosing to continue and honor that commitment - and neither of us really knows internally what that means for us.  I mean, we're figuring it out now, and sure it will change with time.  So I guess it's one of those things you learn on the fly and keep learning as we grow old together.  That's my favorite image of marriage - old people on a swing, comfortable enough in each other to just sit and swing and Be together.  The big blank space for me though, is how to get to that point.  The mis sing piece of that picture is the past, the history - the experience of being married that I have trouble understanding - I was young when my parents were young in marriage, so I don't remember those early stages of their marriage as an example.  All I have is the end result - they'll have been married thirty years this year, so I suppose that's a good model.  Ah well... such is life - we learn as we go.

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