Wednesday, August 31, 2005

From far above

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Where am I?

Reason no. 2 I shouldn't complain

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Why sleep deprivation is worth it

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cookies to the person who can name the city...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

fun at the conference -- four minis

I'm at the conference. I am tired. I am overwhelmed. I have spent the past two days -- save sleeping and showering and about two hours this morning -- straight on work, with my boss and the most gungho member of our lab. I need a break. Please send support vibes and hug vibes my way.

In more positive news, several of the people I've talked to have expressed interest in my work. Which is cool. :-) Makes it worth it. And my boss is talking about review articles... so I'm on the hunt for a good idea this week here at the conference to get a focus area for it. Wish me luck.

They have freakin' swans on the harbor. How cool is that?

Did you know you can by DNA jeans? Hahahahahahah... Go to and find the DNA Stuff Store for the link. I'm too lazy.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday mini

Don't you love it when you have a big project... just... about... done... and the computer decides to chomp on your Zip drive (SHUT up... the stupid printing service here requires you save your file to a Zip... I know they are outdated, but so are all the computers at work with any equipment on them because we are all too cheap to replace a PC that only has a stupid scanner we use for JUST ABOUT EVERY EXPERIMENT...).  Blea.  Luckily it was also saved on the network drive and the computer hard drive.
p.s.  Sunday felt like Monday, so in honor of it being honorary Tuesday, I am doing two minis today...
I leave for a trip this week!!!  Going to a conference for work.  Should be interesting as, we are also going to stay a few extra days here, and bum around here, and then fly home.  I mean, what more do you need for fun than a wild and crazy Chinese guy and Google to help find stuff to do?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday afternoon aperitif

I don't know what the last word is really... it just sounding good with the alliteration for a mini post title...
1.  I'm frantically trying to pull my poster together for this meeting next week.  Have to have it to my boss today.  Yikes.  :-|
2.  I have my life back... except I have no life.  Last night, the high point was making french onion dip and being a couch potato.
3.  My car is becoming a waste dump.  You know its bad when strange smells start.   Eew.
4.  New underwear rocks.  Need I say more?  = )
5.  It's FRIDAY... again, need I say more?

Friday, August 12, 2005

Ack ack!

Oh ... my ... you have to go read EvilScienceChick's most recent post.  Go ... go now!  Now you will know the depths that we graduate students must sink to in order to appease the great and powerful dissertation requirements!
What I have learned since finishing my candidacy exam...
1.  Ignoring your friends for four months and then waking up to realize you have no friends and no one to celebrate with is a very, very bad thing.
2.  You CANNOT just pick up where you left off when you cut yourself out for four months.
3.  Break, what break?  You don't get a break!  Sleep... who told you that you'd get to sleep now?  It only gets worse honey!

4.  The idea of not having classes or seminars is a good one.  The reality of it is a different story.
5.  Paperwork is bad.  Red tape is bad.  Graduate school is really a test to see how well you handle both.
6.  Writing a paper is good.  Posters are even better.
7.  The weather of the real world is not to be considered comfortable.  Not after spending your existence cooped up in airconditioning continuously for four months.  I have switched from being a freeze baby to being continuously hot.  I can't get enough AC.  Good bye normal body functions... hello freezer!
and the last and my personal favorite...courtesy of a friend
8.  Finishing your candidacy is like getting out of prison... it's great, except now you have to start over again!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

big day minis

1. Today is the wrap up of my candidacy. 9-11 AM. Two hours... as of now, it's T-minus 3 hours and 24 minutes til its over. I want to get started to get it over faster. Please send good vibes my way if you read this before the 11 o'clock hour is done!

2. My boyfriend is wonderful, but he is messy and sneaky about it. I came in through the front door for the first time in several weeks and saw the mess I HAD missed by coming in through the garage. He decided perhaps it is a good idea that I keep coming in through the garage.

3. How is it that nervous stomach makes you productive? I was awake at 5 AM, but stayed in bed til the alarm at 6:30. I'm now at work at ... 7:37 AM as of now... and rip raring to go. I guarantee however, that I will have crashed by 4:30 PM today.

::UPDATE:: I passed my general exam. Yay! ***POP*** Blogsville champagne for everyone! (Even me, even though I'm working with radioactivity today).
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