Friday, August 15, 2008

it's the Frenchie in me...

I will now be singing this song every time I make pancakes. How could you not?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

garden goodness and homeowner blues

I have TOMATOES. THAT I GREW. How cool am I?


We live in a house that is near 20 years old. The heating system (a heat pump, with an electric resistor back up heat system) is original to the house. Our compressor is starting to go, so I'm collecting bids for a new system. We want to stick with the heat pump system, because it's more energy efficient and cost efficient to suck heat from the air outside and move it around. Based on the estimates we've gathered so far, it will cost us OVER $4,000. That's a lot of shoes to not buy. And a big honeymoon trip we won't be taking for yet ANOTHER year. And another year of not having extra money to pay a housekeeper (my working woman's dream). [sigh] I *SUPPOSE* I can do my own laundry if it means I'll have heat this winter...
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