Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fixing the Rusty Sinkhole Cover

So this is what I have to look at every day.
A rusty cover for an unused sinkhole. It was bugging me. For the last 11 months. Since I got married and moved in to my husband's house. So I did something about it. I went to Lowe's, got out some tools and supplies and set to work.

Surface scrub (to get rid of the rust underneath on the sink), screwdriver, hammer, replacement cover. I didn't mess around. Here's me getting harsh on the rusty monster...

Note that I am cheap. I buy the generic surface scrub.

And again I say Ew.

Scrubbing commence! (no pictures because I have only two hands.)

After shot of the rusty monster.

Hmmm... now that we've gotten this far, perhaps I should read the instructions?

Aw crap, I need plumber's putty? Well luckily I've got
some laying around the house (to fix our sink (which will
follow in another post!).

Okay... let's open this puppy up... ew.
I have to TOUCH that? Eh.

Rolled into little snakes and threaded around the cover
and the putty cap...then set the cap in the hole...

...and crawl under to twist on the nut. (Don't judge by the disposal.)

First attempt didn't work, the whole thing moved. So I stacked
something heavy on top.

Crawl under and try this again... [ugh]

and Ta-DAH!!! Small victory in plumbing. $3.00 piece of mind = obsessing done.

Next week: Fixing the Jiggly Faucet
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