Wednesday, November 05, 2008

thank you...

I don't know about you, but last night was a little teary for me. I cried when McCain conceded. I cried with MLK, Jr.'s daughter spoke. I cried when I saw Oprah crying. I cried when Obama spoke.

I was a mess. Like the whole government. Like, I am sure, 51% of the voting public. *92%* of the voting public in D.C. (uh, WOW)

Why did I cry? I think it was partly relief - that this whole election thing is over. We are starting the process of moving on from Bush and from all the negative things.

I also cried because it means hope. My faith in people (at least 51% of the people voting in the US) has been restored. I think all the talk about how this SHOWS the American dream is possible really hits the nail on the head. I won't try to say it all again, but for me, and for a LOT of other US citizens, I think this means the Dream is starting to come true.
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