Thursday, November 29, 2007

I want these...

You know, in case you wondered what I want for Christmas:


A good book

A thermos to keep my coffee hot at my desk

New Pajamas

Jewelry (here and here)

Art supplies (for sketching and watercolor painting)


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


…is a hot cup of strong coffee when you are very tired and congested.


I have the cold that just won’t quit.  My nasal congestion is gone, but the sinus congestion remains.  It’s not enough to warrant taking more medication.  I’m thinking my allergy meds might just do the trick on the inflammation and clear it up.  Which would be great… if I could find the bottle…


Thursday, November 08, 2007


The forecast today called for scattered flurries.  FLURRIES.  I live in Ohio.  I expected this sooner.  But then, I forget I live in Central Ohio, which is a GIANT MASSIVE HEAT SINK where it doesn’t get cold until well after fall starts and my flowers planted next to the house are STILL BLOOMING.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

they say you know you are out of things to say...

...when all you can think of to talk about is the weather.

Considering the current date, I shouldn't be bummed by the weather. But the awful way that the weather flips from nice to nasty has got me down and has got me sick. So here's to hoping I feel better before tomorrow and can think of something better to say.

Monday, November 05, 2007

bonus 2

[post 2]

I was talking yesterday to a large group of people, and we all agreed that this time of year is just hard.  There is a lot of transition, you face burnout from nearing the end-of-year/end-of-semester/holidays, and usually life just piles up on you like a stack of unfolded laundry.  They all kept apologizing and worrying and expressing anxiety over this “blah” they all felt – knowing it could have an effect on their work or performance was a huge issue for them. 


I have experienced this feeling before, so I reminded them – it is NORMAL.  A period of the “blahs” after a lot of activity or in the midst of demands from life is very common.  It’s also common this time of year, with changing weather, shifting day length, change of seasons.  So don’t fret over it.  Just OWN it.  Let yourself feel this feeling.  Realize it is temporary and use it as a time to reflect and recharge with the knowledge that after the first of the year, you can come back fully enthused and ready to tackle life.



[Okay yes, I know I did not post yesterday.  I thought about it.  A Lot.  But being as I was in the CAR for a large majority of the day, posting via computer was impossible.  I need to figure out how to post via phone…Since I didn’t post yesterday, I’m doing double duty today.]


[post one]

Go HERE to check out  Best idea ever.  Since online shopping is all the rage, this combines it with the idea of “ads” that iGive tracks.  For every purchase you make online via the portal, a donation is made to your favorite charity.  Mine is the foundation associated with my fraternity.  So go sign up.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3 - sent from the present

[Now that we are properly caught up... let's do this thing!!!]

After hearing about the Pillsbury Bake-Off, my interest in becoming an instant millionaire has been piqued. Now, personally, I think the chances of me winning that are higher than the ideas I came up with.
  • Win the lottery.
  • Invest well.
  • Find a long-lost rich relative.
  • Invent best ice cream flavor ever and sell to Ben and Jerry's
  • Write and have best-selling book published.
  • Become an instant reality star.
  • Sell advertising space on forehead.
  • Pursue career as plus-sized supermodel.
  • Or I could just work my tail off for years for the same company and then get promoted and promoted and promoted til I am CEO.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 2 -- from the future!

Fridays rock.

After a very busy week, today was the day I rolled out of bed and decided that today, I did not need to wear makeup. However, I did do my skincare routine. After I finished, I realized that really, today, I didn't need the makeup. My skin looks that good right now. This is what 4.5 months of wedded bliss will do to you...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

retroactive ambition

I will here belie my stupidity of the internetverse and say that I cannot remember what the stinkin' acronym is for this thing. This thing that I am doing -- posting everyday for a month. Since I now have internets at home (YAY for WOW cable!), I can do that. You know. Post from home. Rather than risking a job.

I suppose I could backdate this post that it "appears" as November 1. Being as I am writing it on November 3, it'll be like going back in time...
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