Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wedding countdown...

We are getting married in T-minus three days and counting.


I am most excited about the cookie table.  My mom has made 5 dozen each of four different kinds of cookies, my dad has made 6 kolachi (which is about 180 pieces when cut), three aunts have made cookies, and Steve’s mom is making cookies.  YAY!!!  Considering that was the one thing I really wanted when we started planning the wedding, it’s turned out nicely.


Dress is just fitting me.  I’ve unfortunately put back on some weight since buying it but it still fits.  Doesn’t help that I’m nervous and bloated, but hey, that’s what control top undergarments are for right?


I’ve made two cheesecakes and about two dozen kiffels, still more kiffels to make.  Unfortunately I burned my LEFT ring finger making the cheesecake.  This came after a major hangnail incident and being STABBED under the fingernail by the multiflora rosebush I was trying to take down in the backyard… both on the same LEFT RING FINGER.  It’s like karma for not wearing my engagement ring while doing these activities or something.  Fortunately, all the injuries are healing nicely, probably thanks to the good nights of sleep I’ve been getting lately.  My body is finally on a good schedule, so able to take care of itself.

1 comment:

evilsciencechick said...

I swear we had enough cookies so that each guest could potentially eat 50 if they wanted to.

all hail the mighty cookie table.

and EEEEEEEE!!!! about getting married in 3 days!!!

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