Friday, June 22, 2007

every little girl's dream...

…is for her blog to be just like this.  Having extra time now that the EVENT is over, and I don’t need to be obsessively planning, I have begun obsessively blogreading again.  (Is that a word?  If not, it should be.  I declare it so.  *PING of NEW WORD*)


I mean, seriously, can you be a cooler person?  Loving, awesome mom and awesome person in the same body – this is what every girl in my generation swears/hopes/dreams she will be when she is a mom, instead of a version of her own mother.


I say this with the full knowledge and understanding (because marriage brings such wisdom of the female condition and what it is to be a “woman”… nota bene the sarcasm…) that my own mom is a loving, awesome mom and awesome person in the same body, but from an older generation than Maggie.  If my mom’s generation had blogs, I like to imagine hers would have been similar to Maggie’s.  Except with references to the drabness that is NE Ohio in the winter and the glory of Ohio in spring, not the always superior moments of San Francisco.




evilsciencechick said...

have yous seen her other site, Mighty Goods? Awesome stuff there. I always check it first when I'm looking for funky gifts.

Anonymous said...

When will you be posting pictures of the wedding?!?!?! I'm dying to see you in the dress!!!


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