Monday, January 02, 2006

hacky, happy new year

I am sick.  Oh what a wonderful way to start a fresh year.  Not totally icky throwing up sick, just the beginnings of a rather nasty cold/ear infection.  Lots of drainage and phlegminess.  I am so throaty sexy Lauren Bacall right now.  ;-)  But at work, that doesn't matter - I'm just trying not to contaminate my cells with my grossness.  And now, before I head back to the year's resolutions (i.e. what I did wrong last year that I vow to do right this year).

1.  Publish.  Twice.  Or at least publish once and submit once.

2.  Not be whiny when sick.  Have found this rather annoys the persons taking care of me.

3.  Sit up straight more.

4.  Not obsess about things I cannot control.  Instead, I will tackle those things I can control as soon as possible, so as to take mind off of the former.

5.  Do NOT let other people's negative/inconsiderate/non-compassionate/generally-annoying-and-or-rude behavior get to me.  I realized part of this is that I wish I was myself less that way (whatever the annoying person's "way" happens to be...).  Instead, I will focus on how I can model the behavior I would like them to have - this will accomplish the resolution and make it more about ME, since I can only change ME not other people.

6.  Take more healthy risks.

7.  Turn up the music and dance more often.

8.  Do more random acts of kindness.

9.  Start every day with a smile in the mirror and a prayer of thanks that I get to see another day full of opportunity.

10.  End every day with a smile in the mirror and a prayer of thanks that I got through the day full of opportunity.



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