Thursday, December 15, 2005

two year blogiversary

The fifteenth is my two year blogiversary.

So because this week has been the week from hell, I'm celebrating now - YAY!

And updating on the week from hell:

1) Lab experiments are not progressing as fast as necessary. Some work, some don't work at all. There appears to be no in between at the moment.
2) Didn't make it home to visit fam this past weekend. Boo.
3) Was in car accident on Friday AM, which is why #2 happened. Yuck. No details. Just know I am okay, my car is not.
4) Found out today that the damage to car from #3 is so extensive, that they will total it out (i.e. Goodbye Vibe).
5) Realized today that I have no money (i.e. no downpayment for new car need due to #3 and #4), and am totally screwed.

Good things in the I am trying to take a "glass half full" approach:
1. I am okay - I walked away from the accident.
2. I have gap coverage insurance - which means the loan from the Vibe is paid in FULL by my insurance company, and I will not be several thousand dollars in debt.
3. Found out I can lease a new car for less than what I was paying on the Vibe, without a downpayment or first month deposit - so I can save the extra money for a downpayment on my next car.
4. I have the BEST parents in the world, because one found #3, and the other is who encouraged me to get gap coverage insurance in the first place - hence I am not totally screwed financially and car wise.
5. Lack of solidness elsewhere is lending itself nicely to refocusing efforts in lab, and I am slowly pulling my crap together - will hopefully get things done in due time. In fact, the things I was told to "focus on" a few weeks ago are pretty much done, except for minor details.

So bittersweet is the word of the day. Appropriate, since that is how life was feeling when I started this thing...


themoonsplit said...

Congrats on having been in Blogistan for two yrs! Interesting blog. :)

AJ said...

AJ said...

Sorry, but the first try had a bad typo...

1) Congrats on your Blogiversary!
2) Not to cast any aspersions whatsoever on those who suggested it, #3 is a bad deal UNLESS you can either get a VERY short-term lease OR you treat that car like GOLD. Consumer car leases are not designed to save you money, but rather are designed to rope you into a long-term relationship. This is something I have a lot of experience in Nicole. Please be careful to read your lease agreement, ask LOTS of questions and DO NOT SIGN that contract until you UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING. Otherwise, chances are, you WILL regret it.

Sorry to be a party pooper. Please e-mail me if you'd like me to elaborate.

3) If I just totally bummed you out, I've got this really great salad dressing recipe that I know will make you feel better...


Nicole said...

TheMoon - hey welcome to the party!
AJ - You are such a dad. ;-) But seriously, I know it isn't a "good" decision, but given my situation (which I've emailed you about...) I think it was the "next best" decision. And yes, I know I look like Jay in the blue hat - haven't you ever try to emulate favorite movie characters?

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