Wednesday, January 18, 2006

gym rat

I've been to the gym on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday so far this week. I also count Saturday's grocery shopping as exercise. :-) Not bad so far. I just have to keep with it.
I have a friend going into the hospital next week. I'm not sure what to get to take into her - flowers seem cliche. I was thinking something to entertain her would be good, but am stuck for ideas. Trashy gossip magazines? Coloring book and crayons? Crosswords or wordfinds? A copy of the NY Times perhaps?

The new rec center was CROWDED yesterday. So crowded that every single locker was full - i had to scrounge around for one near the swimming pool. You would think with all the empty walls and space that they would have installed more lockers.


Brom said...

Just back from the Gym myself...keep up the good work... Oh and Happy New Year ;-)

Rachel said...

I haven't stopped by in forever! Just wanted to say, hello!

Congrats on working out! I've been trying to do better. Three times a week is my goal, more if possible. Good luck!

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