Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My filibuster reading list

My sister and I were talking about how Congress members now just THREATEN to filibuster.  No one actually does it anymore - the threat is enough. 

We both remembered the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and how Jimmy Stewart's character actually does filibuster to prevent a bill from moving forward - he reads books and keeps talking the whole time.  Her filibuster reading list would be "The Hobbit".  I chose "Jane Eyre".  Then we realized the Lord of the Rings trilogy would be even better.

But the best idea we had to read for a filibuster was The List of Reasons that I am Awesome.  A start below:
  1. I am me.
  2. I have wavy hair.
  3. My thumbs bend backwards.
  4. I can sing the National Anthem.
  5. I like tea.
  6. I know the names of the Seven Dwarfs.
  7. Who wouldn't want to be me?
What about you?  What would your filibuster reading list include?

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