Tuesday, December 09, 2008

random facts

1. I hate the sound of metal on metal because it reminds me of going to the orthodontist and having them mess with metal on my teeth. I could feel the vibration through the bones. Eeewwww...

2. My middle name (Martina) is after my dad's middle name (Martin).

3. I like wearing heels. And pantyhose (if they are comfortable). It makes me feel girly.

4. I will eat raw green peppers til the cows come home, but I don't like cooked ones unless they are on fajitas.

5. I have a light up alarm clock. And even that can't get me out of bed some days. But I do consider myself a morning person.

6. I trained as a classical opera singer in college when I was majoring in Biology.

7. I've broken three arms: right, left, right (again). All were results of rollerskating accidents. But I love to ice skate still!

8. I am obsessive about lists, putting things in a certain order, and arranging things, but my bedroom floor is a MESS of clothes 50% of the time.

9. I like coffee. Black, or with cream and sugar, or with milk. Doesn't matter. It just has to be HOT.

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