Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas, Christmas time is here...

So the holiday season is in full swing, and today marks the beginning of family obligations. Thankfully, we will be getting Steve's family out of the way tonight... err, I mean giving them first dibs... this year by going out to dinner. I love them, I really do. But it's very harried and whirlwind whenever we see them, but then, there is a toddler in the mix with this group.

Next up, Christmas Eve and Day, per our tradition installed at the year prior to our marriage, at home, just the two of us, spent mostly in pajamas. I have a food extravaganza planned, most of which will be pre-prepped so that I only have to put things in the oven or crockpot and then go knit.

Boxing Day will be a trip up to my parents house to spend (relaxing, lazy) time with mom, dad, sis, and Tutu (my maternal grandmother). We will be leaving prior to my mom's-side-of-the-family gathering on Sunday, so as to avoid traffic on our return trip. Prior notice was given that it would be better for us if this gathering was on Saturday, but alas, the logistical aspect didn't work out. But I just saw most of them over Thanksgiving, so no sweat on that.

Don't worry... there will be pictures of the food extravaganza. :-) But to tide you over, here are the recipes I've got planned. Most are thanks to Ree (of Confessions of Pioneer Woman) so avoid if you are shy about butter or heavy cream (I'm not, and hey, it's Christmas!).

Christmas Eve
Cioppino (my adapted version will be a "Feast of 7 Fishes" version, since Steve's family is Italian)

Christmas Day
AM: Strata and Cinnamon rolls
Dinner: roast chicken with chestnut stuffing, corn and wild rice casserole, braised red cabbage, no-knead rolls

p.s. I think I missed my blog-iversary. So Yay for me... my how time flies.

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