Monday, October 06, 2008

Save the Filter!


What you can do...

  1. Sign the petition.

  2. Write a letter to Clorox executives.

  3. Send us your used filter cartridges.

  4. Spread the word!

The sample letter I will send:

Dear Clorox:

I have used Brita pitcher filters for many years. Each time I throw a cartridge in the garbage to replace it with a new one, I feel very sad that this amount of plastic will end up in a landfill, where it will last forever in our environment. I use the Brita system in order to avoid the waste of plastic water bottles. I urge you to redesign the filter cartridges so that they can be refilled and/or create a system for us to recycle these plastic filter cartridges instead of sending them to the landfill.

As you know, the Brita company in Europe has developed a comprehensive take-back recycling program for all of its filter cartridges. This program is not dependent on city recycling systems. The Brita Company itself collects, dismantles, and recycles the filter cartridges. Why not use this as a work-around solution
to help your consumers to take their environmental conscientiousness a step further, instead of relying on city waste management systems (which are currently not able to recycle the filters in the US)?

I know that Clorox has been making efforts lately to become much more environmentally-friendly with its purchase of the Burt’s Bees line as well as development of Green Works cleaning products and the FilterForGood campaign. It would be wonderful if similar attention could be placed on products that Clorox already manufactures, such as redesigning the Brita filter cartridges so that they can be recycled, as well as creating a take-back program so that they are recycled domestically rather than being shipped overseas, as much of our plastic is these days.

I look forward to hearing your views on this issue.



1 comment:

Diana said...

This is a wonderful effort and I applaude you for doing it.

I just noticed that you are from Ohio too - I am in Hubbard, Ohio just west of the Pa border.

keep up the great work in trying to help the planet !

Organically Yours,

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