Saturday, October 04, 2008


NO I am not pregnant. I am talking about my attitude. I feel like a big baby - "my head hurts... I'm dizzy... I am sick to my stomach... I have indigestion... I have arthritis..." - but a lot of my life lately has become health issue related.

I realized today a lot of this has to do with the amount of stress I take on. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE volunteering. I do. And most of the stress is from juggling... from trying to keep straight what needs done when for whom and for what. Not necessarily the actual duties involved with volunteering, although the fact that I have no time for housekeeping, sleeping, and spending time with my husband due to how much volunteering I do might ... just *might* be stressing me out too.

How can I fix this? One - adjust my medication (pass the wine please!). Two - adjust the visits to my psychologist (as in, schedule one). Three - get more sleep. Four - Eat better/take my vitamins and meds. Four - exercise more.

Better sleep, food, tagging my support system, and exercise will help me reduce my body's stress response to the stress, while I figure out how to decrease my volunteer involvements. Bonus is that I might not feel so darn lousy in the mean time. Wish me luck.

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Dana said...

Good luck with reducing that stress level, lots of woman can sympathize with you on that one. I also know how hard it is to say no, I need to learn to use that word a bit more myself.

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