Monday, November 05, 2007

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I was talking yesterday to a large group of people, and we all agreed that this time of year is just hard.  There is a lot of transition, you face burnout from nearing the end-of-year/end-of-semester/holidays, and usually life just piles up on you like a stack of unfolded laundry.  They all kept apologizing and worrying and expressing anxiety over this “blah” they all felt – knowing it could have an effect on their work or performance was a huge issue for them. 


I have experienced this feeling before, so I reminded them – it is NORMAL.  A period of the “blahs” after a lot of activity or in the midst of demands from life is very common.  It’s also common this time of year, with changing weather, shifting day length, change of seasons.  So don’t fret over it.  Just OWN it.  Let yourself feel this feeling.  Realize it is temporary and use it as a time to reflect and recharge with the knowledge that after the first of the year, you can come back fully enthused and ready to tackle life.


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