Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Having just purchased a used Apple Powerbook (because I am lazy about getting my old PC set up for home use), my goal in life has been to find wireless internet access.  I’ve priced out wireless for our house, I’m hunting for a reasonably priced wireless router, I’m constantly racking my brain for places to get wireless access that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Items my search has procured:


1.  WOW cable has a KICK BUTT deal.  For just $5 more than what we pay for digital cable now, we can get digital cable, plus a free DVR, and internet.


2.  Local library = not enough computers for the patrons, but free wireless internet!  FREE! 


3.  Kinko’s internet = Slow and costs $0.15 per minute for computer/internet use.  But very good and nice sales guy now recognizes me by sight because I am constantly there making copies for my new business.


4. Panera Bread has free wi-fi.  FREE WIRELESS INTERNETS!!!  And… they give you FREE REFILLS on your coffee.


The Problem of no internet access at home is solved.  Mental breakdown has been averted.


Anonymous said...

here are a few sites i found that list free and/or pay wi-fi spots in columbus! have fun :)



Sarah F.

AJ said...

Nothin' wrong with moochin' a lil internet access. Now if they'd just make free laptops...


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