Tuesday, August 07, 2007

she is a sewing queen...

For some crazy odd reason I have the bug to sew.  Don’t understand it.  Considering how many Other More Important Things I have to do right now.  Oh wait, that is how I deal with stress.  I do other things instead.  At least this time it is productive OCD behavior not destructive.  Help me.  Please.


One plus side of this is that the sewing… it cannot happen til the Mess that Will Become My Sewing Room is put in order.  So yea.  And yet that is not on the list of things to do after work today.  Which, by the way includes:

·                     paint shelves for massive armoire

·                     buy beetle bags, mulch, and landscape cloth at Lowe’s

·                     lay cloth and spread mulch

·                     Clean garage (some)

·                     Pull electric trimmer out of garage (see Clean garage – “Some” = only enough to accomplish getting the trimmer out)

·                     Trim lawn around patio, house, fence, electrical wiring, sidewalk, etc.

·                     Go to fraternity alumnae meeting (and try to not be bored out of skull while seemingly pointless yet inevitable debate ensues over Issues that Do Not Matter – anyone who is in any sort of group knows this is how meetings always go.  CUT TO THE MEAT PEOPLE!  I have sleep to be getting tonight!)


And I am sure I will be sidetracked somehow from the List.  Right now, it will be by actual work.


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