Wednesday, August 29, 2007

if I had a million dollars...

…I would buy new clubs.  Right now, although I have a kick-butt stand-bag my sister chose for me as a Christmas present, I am playing with my sister’s old driver and fairway woods (which need re-gripped, but I LOVE the way they hit) and my dad’s old irons and putter.  I dig the putter, but I feel like I should be playing with a slightly different flex club.  Or a longer club shaft.  I just don’t feel comfortable with the irons.


What I need to do is go get fitted for new irons.  According to this article in Golf for Women, though, I may have some trouble with that.  However, I have to say, every time I’ve gone to our local Golfsmith, they are more than helpful.  I am usually approached by a salesperson in less than 5 minutes of entering the store.  My sister bought her new driver and hybrid woods there, and the person doing the club fitting was professional and knew his stuff.  He was also patient and offered solid advice, including ordering what my sister wanted and needed on a special order, because it wasn’t in stock.


Golfsmith also carries a wide variety of two layer golf balls, women’s shoes, and a fair amount of women’s clubs and clothing.  I did notice that the women’s clothing section is bigger than the club section though.  I know I like to look good when I golf (because at least that is one thing I’ll do right that round), but isn’t the equipment more important?


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