Friday, July 06, 2007

old married lady stuff

I bought a new piece for my next ceramics project.  It is BIG.  About a foot high, three mushrooms and three frogs, so it will probably take me til the end of summer to finish it.  I love it though.  The ironic thing is that it came from a (and I’m quoting my ceramics teacher) “dead old lady.”  Seriously.  So it was only $6 – for a piece that size it was a BARGAIN.  I will probably kick myself for choosing it, because the last time someone picked such a big piece, it took them WELL PAST the holiday for which the piece was to be decoration.  Hopefully that won’t happen, although it may mean taking it home a few times to touch up spots.


We have officially moved all MY stuff into OUR house.  Now I just need to get the stuff we are donating out to the garage and into the driveway for Salvation Army to pick up on Monday.  Then I can finish re-doing the GIGANTIC cabinet we took from Grandma’s house for our kitchen storage.  It was a major score, but has also turned into a major project.  One that I haven’t had much time for lately, but would like to finish this weekend if I can get the garage into a semblance of neatness/cleared out so I don’t get pain all over everything.  God bless my dad for teaching me some basic woodworking/refinishing skills – this will save us a whole bunch of money to refinish a piece, rather than buying new.  And it will have some meaning, which is a bonus.


I just wish I wasn’t tripping over all our stuff on my way out the door in the morning – it would make the day start out so much brighter!

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