Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I get our wedding pictures.  J  You only get one.  Tomorrow (ha!  Fooled you!  You got all excited and then… POOF.  Nothing.  That’ll teach you to go and get your hopes up.).  I get all of them today after work – I’m meeting with our photographer to pick up our albums and digital proofs.  The best part about all of this is that we can cheaply make our own prints, post them online for family and friends, and not have to worry about negatives or paper proofs fading.  Though I’ll probably make backup copies of our discs and keep them in the safety deposit box… just in case.


We now have a guest room with a guest bed set up.  Steve calculated that my immediate family (including my in town sister) could stay over and everyone would have a bed, including us.  You know, if we WANTED them to stay over.  I pointed out that if my entire family decided to come visit and sleep at our house, that I probably would book he and I a hotel room.  I love my family, but I need SPACE.  Luckily, they understand this… and they get hotel rooms.  Or stay at my sister’s condo…because she’s single and doesn’t have a husband to sit on top of when my parents visit.  Though the idea of a one night splurge on a hot tub suite is a good one to file away for the next time they visit.  For us, not my parents.


Work has a lunch’n’learn series where they bring in local community college instructors for language classes.  French I class starts today.  YippEEE!







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Anonymous said...

Boo!!!! I totally got my hopes up for a wedding picture!!! You're a meanie!!!!
LITB, Rocki

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