Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yes I know I have been not posting. New job, trying to actually work at, rather than goof off and get fired. A job where I have actual work to do most days most of the day, rather than "set up random experiment, wait 4 hours without doing anything else."

I do like the new job. A LOT. Which is why I won't blog about it, cause I'm not stupid.

Wedding plans are done... now it is little piddly stuff like checking on vendors and confirming reservations. The cake is ordered, the rings are picked up, we have the marriage license in hand as of Friday, and I have to go email the reception hall chick about how to spend more money (since our friends are bailing on us left and right after we invited them...).


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Anonymous said...

sorry i can't make the wedding... I will be out of town at a tradeshow for work. I expect to see pictures of the beautiful bride!!!

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