Wednesday, March 08, 2006

invisible woman

I'm feeling slightly invisible.  I realized yesterday that it's okay too.  I mentioned this to someone, and they asked why.  I told them - I feel ignored because I am being ignored either on purpose or by accident.  But then when they started talking to me about, I realized I didn't really want to talk about where I was at emotionally - being invisible is okay.  I just want to wallow about in this feeling for a little while.
In other news, the ballroom dance lessons I am taking with Steve are going okay.  I love him, but the boy has got a very poor sense of rhythm...but at least he (or the other guys) are not stepping on my feet...

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The Retropolitan said...

I know this is probably only tangentally related to your post, but I thought of it and figured it was okay to mention it because I've never had any other occasion to. My friend Chris made a film a few years back about a man who was feeling invisible -- his wife ignored him, his coworkers avoided him, and even his dog refused to acknowledge him. His response: drive his car on the left side of the street, so the opposing traffic would honk at him to make him feel like someone was paying attention to him.

That's probably a bad idea, so I don't recommend it. But it seems cathartic somehow.

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