Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday minis of scary stuff

1- I am convinced I will glow in the dark soon.  I've been radioactive three of the four days in the lab this week.
2- Apparently, elopement is not a societally acceptable option (according to the "wedding industry" at least... which makes sense because elopement is the financially sane option of the two and no economic industry wants consumers to be sane with their money... they just want you to spend it.).  JUST out of curiousity, I was perusing the wedding reference section at B&N the other evening (because I always peruse all the sections when I go in there, just in case something jumps out at me as useful.  SHUT UP I am NOT turning girly-planning-my-wedding-before-the-groom!).  One book on elopement.  ONE.  Out of a WALL of wedding planners, references, etiquette books, and "how to have a perfect wedding on next to no money (except not really)".  Sort of makes the idea more tantalizing, that it's not something everyone does.  Oh, wait.  Now that I said that, EVERYONE will want to do it to have the "unique" wedding.  So I take that back.  Back off wedding copy cats!  This idea's MINE.  Now I just have to find that pesky-as-of-yet-undetermined-who groom...okay, maybe I DO need to cut back on the wedding cake...
3- October.  86 deg. F.  In OHIO.  Need I say more?
4- I ache.  All over.  I am going to go home and have a nice hot toddy and read in bed with the door closed and soft jazz playing.  After I finish this last thing at work, which will take about... another hour.  Yea.  Gonna start something else to keep busy... just cross your knees I get home before 9 tonight.

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