Tuesday, September 19, 2006

holding steady...

The existential issues of where I am at in life continue, however, I've realized I have a WHOLE lot of support to lean on if I feel overwhelmed. And cats to cuddle with as well, which, when you have cats to cuddle, what can't you deal with? Don't worry, I'm not turning into a cat lady or anything. I am just cat checking this week for a friend. Water, food, and a whole lot of play and loving every other day. Not a bad gig. It's therapeutic to say the least.

I have also started doing ceramics. Yes I KNOW I have 10 current crochet projects to finish, and I will finish them. I just like trying new things and being able to switch it up with crafts, or I get bored. Plus it's also therapeutic cause it gets me out of the house and in society, whereas I've yet to find a social network for the crocheting. I'm sure that is something which I'll do at some point.

Weather is turning in OH now. Some trees are turning color already, and it was COLD this morning. The heat actually kicked on in the house! Welcome fall...

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