Friday, August 12, 2005

Ack ack!

Oh ... my ... you have to go read EvilScienceChick's most recent post.  Go ... go now!  Now you will know the depths that we graduate students must sink to in order to appease the great and powerful dissertation requirements!
What I have learned since finishing my candidacy exam...
1.  Ignoring your friends for four months and then waking up to realize you have no friends and no one to celebrate with is a very, very bad thing.
2.  You CANNOT just pick up where you left off when you cut yourself out for four months.
3.  Break, what break?  You don't get a break!  Sleep... who told you that you'd get to sleep now?  It only gets worse honey!

4.  The idea of not having classes or seminars is a good one.  The reality of it is a different story.
5.  Paperwork is bad.  Red tape is bad.  Graduate school is really a test to see how well you handle both.
6.  Writing a paper is good.  Posters are even better.
7.  The weather of the real world is not to be considered comfortable.  Not after spending your existence cooped up in airconditioning continuously for four months.  I have switched from being a freeze baby to being continuously hot.  I can't get enough AC.  Good bye normal body functions... hello freezer!
and the last and my personal favorite...courtesy of a friend
8.  Finishing your candidacy is like getting out of prison... it's great, except now you have to start over again!

1 comment:

evilsciencechick said...

yes but NOW they can't kick you out.

well, not easily ;)

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